Packing And Moving Supplies


Our main goal at Discount Self Storage is to make your storing and moving process as easy as possible. For your convenience we offer you the packing and moving supplies you need right from our facility. We have locks, boxes, packaging tape and more.

Need help? Our friendly staff can recommend which supplies will be best suited to your self storage situation.
additional self storage and packing tips.

We have the boxes you need… small, medium, and large. Our staff can help you decide how many boxes and which sizes will be suited to your self storage needs.

  • Small-Large Packing/Moving Boxes
  • File Boxes



Protective Covers

  • Heavy Duty Disc Locks
  • Heavy Duty Pad Locks


  • Tape (clear, brown)
  • Rope

Self Storage Suggestions



  • Keep a good list of your items in storage.
  • Use a good quality lock on your storage unit door.
  • Box everything.
  • Insure your goods while in storage.
  • Take the smallest amount of space you need. Stack up to the ceiling.
  • Place plastic on the floor under your goods.
  • Keep your mattresses, sofas, and chairs in good condition with plastic covers.
  • Leave a small air gap between your goods and the walls.
  • Store lightweight small items around the back of the storage unit. Move large,heavy items into storage last.
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture
  • Cover everything with a light plastic cover.


  • Pack a couple of days before you move. Weed out old, unwanted possessions.
  • Lash bed rails together. As you take beds apart, mark all pieces so you know
    which goes with which headboard, etc. Place covers on mattresses.
  • Tape appliance doors shut. Wedge doors open in storage. Wrap a paper pad around each item for protection. Freezer, refrigerator, washer and dryer make excellent packing cartons for bedding, towels and clothing. Clean your stove before moving.
  • Place books in small cartons, holding weight to under 30 pounds for easy lifting.
  • Protect chair legs by wrapping them in packing paper. Leave slipcovers on upholstered chairs and cover them with plastic chair covers.
  • Fill bureaus with a few small and fragile items. Sweaters, blankets, and towels make excellent padding.
  • Wrap each dish with packing tissue.
  • Use a marking pen to list contents of each carton on the side.
  • Clothing that ordinarily hangs in a closet should pack in a wardrobe carton.
  • Pack lamp shades in individual boxes.
  • Pack glasses carefully. Wrap with tissue and pad with crumpled packing paper just like dishes

WARNING: Do not store combustible or perishable materials such as old paint, cleaning fluids, gasoline, etc.