Vehicle Storage

Advantages of Indoor Storage

1. Your vehicle is protected from solar, ozone and weather damage.

2. Street parking can result in dents and scratches (or worse).

3. If you store your vehicle at home, thieves will notice when it's gone. This leaves your home an easy target for criminals.

4.Indoor storage is more secure.

5. Your vehicle remains clean. You will save money on washing, waxing and detailing.

6. When you are ready to go your vehicle is ready too!

7. You save money. Your annual cost savings on repair and maintenance will exceed the additional cost of indoor storage, while protecting your investment.

Vehicle Storage

Store your classic car or your family heirloom vehicle. Or maybe there's that extra car with nowhere to park it? Both inside and outside storage is available.

Cars- Indoor: Just $80/Month
Cars- Outdoor: Just $30/Month

Indoor Motorcycle, Jet-Ski, and ATV Storage

Make room in your garage. Store motorcycles, jet-skis, and ATVs seasonally or all year long.

Jet Ski: $80/Month
Motorcycle: $50/Month
ATV: $50/Month

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